The development of a company, either a trading company or a service company, in running its business requires a Consultantcomprehensive understanding to achieve its purpose and objective pursuant to the company’s vision and mission.

Currently, the tight competition in the business community in the field of industry and services has a broad impact on the development of a business. The ability to stay in a business must be possessed by every business, either a newly established company or a well established company.

All components in a company must be able to work together to create a work environment that is safe, comfortable and good for the company’s progress.

Realizing the importance of a strong foundation to achieve the Client’s vision and mision, the EasyHelps team is here to provide active consultation particularly in the field of Office Management, Finance and Taxes.

We provide the following consultations:

  • Providing suggestions and input to Clients who wish to start a new business (business plan);
  • Providing suggestions and input on how to develop their business by utilizing all the potential in the company, by considering the company’s capabilities (business development);
  • Drafting guidelines and directives that can provide a clear description of the process to run the business in order to achieve the company’s objectives (business process);
  • Providing guidelines and directives to handle financial matters, cash flow, financial report in order to find out and understand the company’s profit and loss;
  • Drafting procedures for the process to audit manpower and financial matters.